Champion Breweries PLC

code of conduct

Code Of Business Conduct (Heicode)

As a responsible operating company of Heineken, we are aware and fully committed to the expectations
to conduct business with integrity and ensure compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and values,
such as;

  •  Thelaws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and all its regulatory agencies
  •  The regulations and guidelines of the Securities and Exchange Commission
  • The policies and values of the majority shareholder on business conducts.

Corporate Governance

Our Board of Directors is responsible for the overall long-term success of the company, policy formulation and the strategic direction of the business as well as providing effective leadership to achieve our objectives in a manner that respects our core values.

Our Policies

HEINEKEN Intellectual Property Policy
HEINEKEN Policy on Competition
HEINEKEN Policy on Confidential Information
HEINEKEN Policy on Conflicts of Interest
HEINEKEN Policy on Money Laundering and Sanctions
HEINEKEN Policy on Political Contributions and Charitable Donations
HEINEKEN Policy on The Use of Company Resources
HEINEKEN Supplier Code
HEINEKEN Responsible Alcohol Consumption Policy
HEINEKEN Speak Up Policy
HEINEKEN Responsible Marketing code
HEINEKEN The Six Privacy Principles
HEINEKEN Policy on Bribery
HEINEKEN Human Rights Policy
HEINEKEN Alcohol Statement
HEINEKEN Global Occupational Health and Safety Policy
HEINEKEN Policy on Gifts, Entertainment and Hospitality